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Che Che Vule

Che Che Vule is a relatively new addition to Matemwe village’s tourist industry. This lodging is a small privately owned villa located on the north-east coast of Zanzibar. It has only 4 rooms and is primarily intended for rental by either a family travelling together of a large group. The villa sleeps 6-8. It boasts ocean views from its established tropical garden and has private beach access.

Accommodation at Che Che Vule

The rooms are spacious and clean. The two main rooms are en suite with private balconies. Bathrooms are a good size with large showers and there is good hot water. There is a main living room area which is large, light and comfortable. There is no internet, no television and no phone however. The butler will be happy to teach guests a variety of traditional games if they are looking for some entertainment, and a selection of books can be borrowed from the open-air dining area. The Che Che Vule really is a getaway from modern life.

The layout of the villa’s grounds means there are numerous secluded areas where one can relax. As the villa is private the small pool is a perfect size. Sun-loungers are also provided. This is handy at high-tide, when the beach is inaccessible. The villa also boasts a sundeck directly overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Service, Food and Drink at Che Che Vule

As staff at the villa often outnumber guests, the service is very warm, personal and reliable. The house employs a butler and chefs who will deliver an individual service, as well as a gardener, housekeeper and security guard. These defined and responsible staff roles add to the sense of pride staff take in their jobs. The villa has a warm and secure family feel.

The villa offers open-air dining and has its own barbeque area. The chefs consult guests daily on food options and food is prepared according to guest preferences as there is no restaurant as such. Ingredients on offer are more limited than at larger resorts for reasons of practicality. As at most coastal eateries, seafood features heavily. However there is always a meat and a vegetarian option. The villa has an ‘honesty bar’ offering a variety of beverages. Drinking water is available free of charge.

The villa offers a comfortable and relaxing taste of Zanzibar’s north-east coast without the pretension and fuss that is made at large hotels and luxury resorts. Guests in search of luxury and pampering may be disappointed with Che Che Vule’s shy and unobtrusive service. However the villa is ideal for those who want to escape altogether and have privacy.

Things to do at Che Che Vule

Activities on offer near Che Che Vule include diving, fishing trips, snorkelling, water-sports and dhow trips. These activities are mainly organised by the local water centre, One Ocean, which is a five minute walk from the villa. The reef walks along the extensive beach at low-tide are hugely interesting. One can also take day trips to Stone Town and tours of the Jozani Forest. A full list of the activities that can be arranged for during your stay is available through the hotel and on their website. However, they do not book excursions and dives etc. for visitors.

How to get to Che Che Vule

The Che Che Vule is just under and hour and half’s drive from Stone Town or Zanzibar Airport. The hotel will arrange transfers for around USD 80 each way, but it may be cheaper to opt for a taxi or minibus and much cheaper (though not for the weak of heart nor stomach) is to investigate the number 118 Daladala from Stone Town. Roads are mainly tarmacked but for the last twenty minutes you may be in for a rougher ride.

The poverty of the areas that one drives through to reach the island’s resorts can be disquieting. Locals may be seen hanging to the back of trucks and mini-buses (daladalas) and stray animals often roam the roads. Though the pockets of luxury created by the tourist industry may seem hypocritical, the work of development funds and eco-tourism projects ensure that the locals reap some of the benefits of tourism’s financial gains.

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