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A room at Swahili House in Stone Town Part of the lounging area at Ras Nungwi at the very north of Unguja Island. Kasha Boutique's open plan rooms and unique decor. Kempinski's characteristic contemporary interior design.

Mainland Hotels

North East Coast Hotels

  • Mike’s Cottage (Tanga, Tanzania)
  • Milele Beach Hotel (Mombasa, Kenya)

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South Coast Hotels

Choosing your Zanzibar Hotel

The following list of 48 accommodation options represents our current favoured selection throughout the island, and along the east coast of Tanzania and Kenya. While we have been selective in deliberately excluding many accommodation providers, it should nonetheless be understood that we do not claim that the hotels that we list describe the best hotels in Zanzibar, or that if a hotel is not on our list then it is probably not a good one. On the contrary, we are presently reviewing a handful of unlisted hotels for inclusion and anticipate that this process will be ongoing, with unlisted hotels becoming listed, and some listed hotels becoming de-listed, where we find that feedback is becoming predominantly unfavourable from that hotel.