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Kasha Boutique Hotel

The Kasha Boutique is located on the north-east coast of Zanzibar. It is a luxury resort boasting 11 cliff-top villas that overlook the ocean. Each villa is secluded and has a private splash pool and decked terrace.

Accommodation at Kasha Boutique Hotel

The villas feature king-size beds, bathrooms with baths and showers, good AC, ceiling fans, safe deposit boxes, flat screen televisions with DVD players (television is not received in the villas, but the main lodge television picks up satellite and features sports, news and film channels among others), mini-bars, tea and coffee making facilities and even a small library. The villas feature both indoor and outdoor seating areas. This is a very private style of accommodation, ideal for those wishing to escape completely.

Food, Drink and Service at Kasha Boutique Hotel

Food at the Kasha is highly rated. The hotel sources all its spices and many of its jams and chutneys locally as well as opting for local fish and meat. Breakfast and dinner are included in all packages (no B&B option available). Breakfast comprises of a good buffet of local produce with cooked options to order including highly recommended pancakes. Lunch can be taken in the main pool area, at the Waterfront Bar. This is well stocked, serving beers, wines, cocktails and soft drinks and snacks throughout the day and into the night. The evening menu suffers from a slight lack of variation due to the resort’s size. However there will always be fish, meat, poultry and vegetarian options available. The wider choices on offer at larger resorts would not be practical at Kasha. There is also a shisha bar at the hotel for those who want to sample a very traditional way to relax.

Staff at the Kasha are friendly and diligent. They are providing a luxury service, and are careful to do so meticulously. The team are managed by a European couple, the wife of whom , interestingly, is the daughter of one of the 1940’s founders of the British Special Air Service, and a fascinating person to speak to.

Things to do at Kasha Boutique Hotel

The hotel is located above the beach which is accessible via a staircase at low-tide. This does not make the resort ideal for those who cannot manage stairs. At high tide there are naturally formed pools which one can swim in. The beaches in this region are pristine with white sands and the hotel offers excellent views of them. The major lures of the region are water-sports. Kite boarding, scuba diving and snorkelling as well as boat trips and fishing trips are all easily organised through the hotel. Walking the 15 km stretch of beach or traversing it by bicycle is also a must. From the hotel one can also visit the local village of Matemwe. This small fishing village is very interesting but very poor by western standards. Guests are asked to observe local traditions and dress codes if visiting the village and not to offer money or take photographs unless they have been given permission.

A spa is connected to the hotel as well for those wishing to relax. The Lala Spa offers a variety of treatments and massages using local plants and herbs.

Excursions to Stone Town and other parts of the island can be arranged but the hotel’s remote location does not make it an ideal point of access for the rest of the island. This hotel is ideally suited to those wishing to spend time away from the world, taking advantage of the sea and the local environment.

How to get to the Kasha Boutique Hotel

The Kasha Boutique is approximately 1½ hours from Stone Town by mini bus or taxi, and just less than this from the airport by taxi. One can take the number 118 daladala from Stone Town to Matemwe village, however, this is a rough journey and long. It is not recommended for the faint of heart. The drive is mainly on smooth tarmac roads, but for the last twenty minutes may be a rougher ride. While much of Zanzibar is idyllic it is important to be aware that the country is still developing.

The poverty of the areas that one drives through to reach the island’s resorts can be uncomfortable to people unfamiliar with rural Africa. Locals may be seen hanging onto the back of buses and daladalas, and stray animals often roam the roads. Though the tourist industry with its luxury may seem hypocritical to some, the work of development funds and eco-tourism projects ensure that the locals reap some of the benefits of tourism’s financial gains, apart from the obvious fact that the hotels and the supporting services that facilitate their operation, have significantly increased locals’ employment prospects.

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