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The South East Coast has much going for it. Less over-built than the Central East Coast (with the exception of a few extensive resorts in Dongwe), white sandy beaches lined with palm trees and a good sea-breeze which cuts mosquito numbers and make air-conditioning slightly less of a life savour, the region is ideal for those in search of a relaxing beach holiday.

However, as with most of Zanzibar’s coast, the tides change the beach dramatically and bathing in the sea at low-tide is pretty universally impossible on the South East Coast. Seaweed farming is especially noticeable in the South East as the villages are still very attached to the beaches as their source of income. So do not expect beaches tailored to tourist expectations all along the coast. There are many ‘working’ beaches.

Hotels on this site are spread between various beaches and neighbour different beach villages, all with their own individual atmospheres and appeals. These are Jambiani, Pingwe, Bwejuu, Dongwe and the Michamvi Peninsula.

Things to do on Zanzibar’s South East Coast

• Snorkelling

• Diving

• Boat Trips

• Jambiani Village Tour

• Cycling

• Kite-Surfing

• Excursions

The region is also home to The Mwaka Kogwa Festival.


Furthest South in this region is Jambiani. One of the most lively options for travellers to the area, tourists privilege from a good range of local restaurants and the friendliness of the village through which guided cultural tours are run.

The beach can seem wild and windy compared to some of Zanzibar’s other coastal spots. However, this gives it a sense of rustic charm and personality. The Community that share Jambiani’s sands with the reclining tourists is made up of fishermen and seaweed farmers as well as local children keen to play football.

Good Snorkelling is on offer as well as the option to hire a bicycle and explore further down the coast.

Getting to Jambiani

Although it is some 56 km from Stone Town, Jambiani is reasonably well connected. Not just the uncomfortable and hard to recommend local daladalas (number 309) run there from Stone Town, but so does the far more comfortable tourist minibus (USD 10) which can be booked through many hotels in the city. The minibus takes about an hour, the daladala can take more than two!

Taxis or hotel transfers can also be arranged from the capital or from the airport for around USD 60.

Jambiani Accommodation:

Bwejuu, Pingwe and Dongwe

Bwejuu has a lovely beach for most of the year. However, around Christmas it can get incredibly seaweed covered. The area boasts some first rate snorkelling spots. It is also a good central spot on the South East coast from which to explore both to the North and South by bicycle. Most hotels will hire bicycles free of charge. The central location on the South East peninsula means you will have a chance to experience many of the various beach spots along this stretch of coast.

South of Bwejuu, just on the Michamvi Peninsula, are Pingwe and Dongwe. Many of the hotels listed here lie between Bwejuu and Dongwe. Quieter than Jambiani and Bwejuu when it comes to local development and community these villages offer less chance of much interaction with Zanzibari life and more exclusive, secluded and boutique accommodation.

All the South East Coast activities of Cycling, Kite-surfing, Snorkelling, Diving and enjoying the beach as well as various excursions are on offer however. The region is a good relaxation getaway.

Getting to Bwejuu

Bwejuu is easily reachable on the tourist minibuses organised through Stone Town’s hotel networks. A seat on the minibus costs around USD 10 and many Stone Town hotels can book this for you. It leaves the city at 0800. Simply enquire at your hotel or one of the others in the town.

Daladalas 324 and 340 head from the city to Bwejuu but are not recommended as they take well over an hour and are horribly uncomfortable.

A taxi or hotel transfer from Stone Town or the airport is the easiest option, but at around USD 50 each way, not the cheapest.

Getting to Pingwe / Dongwe

Reaching Pingwe and Dongwe is not so easy. Tourist minibuses from Stone Town only go as far as Bwejuu and from there taxis are not so easy to come by (though it may be possible to arrange a pick up from Bwejuu by your hotel). By daladala the journey would be long and tiresome. This means taxis and airport transfers are really the only commodious option for arriving at your accommodation. A car will cost around USD 60 each way.

Bwejuu / Dongwe / Pingwe Accommodation:

Michamvi Peninsula

Notable for rising headlind and sandy beach coves, the Ras Michamvi Peninsula to the North of the region is quiet and reasonably sparsely populated. With a few resorts (more appearing all the time) and a well renowned dive centre at nearby Kae, the area is good for those wishing to escape civilization and indulge in the sea. Though bear in mind there is still no swimming at low tide and the inevitability of some seaweed.

Getting to the Michamvi Peninsula

There is no tourist minibus running to the peninsula but there is one daladala, the number 324 (marked Bwejuu, so check it is going to Michamvi). More advisable than this journey of over two hours in length and treacherous discomfort is a taxi or hotel transfer (around USD 50 each way from Stone Town or the airport).

Michamvi Peninsula Accommodation

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